A Journey of Growth

Connect with Yourself and Others

This personal growth group is for you if you’re on a journey to explore more who you are and how you connect to the world around you. It’s a space for transformation: you bring your curiosity and your courage; we provide you with a safe and supportive environment to facilitate the process.

What is it all about? This is a group that meets twice a month. Each meeting offers you the chance to take another step forward in your journey of personal growth and transformation. You will leave our meetings feeling more authentically connected to yourself and to the others you shared the time and space with.

During our meeting, we will propose activities to help you deepen your personal awareness and nourish personal transformation. Other activities will focus on exploring a more authentic way of connecting with others. The activities we use vary and include techniques such as meditation, body awareness, sharing circles and other group dynamics. And because this is a space for you to develop new, meaningful friendships, we will spend the last 15 minutes socialising and sharing some snacks!

We offer a space that is open to all and inclusive of all genders, sexualities, races, religions, bodies and other backgrounds or characteristics. What we ask of you is to come with an attitude of respect and openness and to be at least 18 years old.


We are Joan Sirera and Michael Conti, two highly-experienced psychotherapists who have been accompanying people on their personal journeys of growth, both individually and in group settings, for many years. We are both somatic sexuality specialists and we incorporate a focus on the body and integration in our work. Joan was born in Valencia. He is a Gestalt therapist and a musician with a focus on developing personal expression through creativity. Michael, born in Malta, is a trauma specialist, coach and a published author in the field of personal growth.

We are both passionate about providing therapeutic experiences that help develop self-awareness in relationship with others through exploration, connection and integration.


20th December 2023

10th January 2024

24th January 2024

7th February 2024

21st February 2024


Each meeting lasts 1.5 hours (19:30 – 21:00 CET).


The group is run in English & Spanish with translations if necessary.


Attendance is free. We would appreciate a small donation to cover costs (premises, snacks).

To book your place, use this Meetup link or send us an email. To respect others, please update your RSVP as places are limited.