Forging Paths – Coaching, Counselling, EMDR Therapy, Supervision

What others have said

Michael was a calm and steady support for me during one of the toughest times of my life. Although I came to him searching for answers, this is not what he gave me. Instead, our conversations compelled me to look deeper within and become more in touch with how I was feeling – both mentally and physically – and thus, do my own work and find my own answers. Michael is not who you come to for a quick-fix — he’s who you come to for long-lasting results.

Leah, Denmark

I feel that I’ve benefited enormously from seeing Michael for EMDR therapy sessions. I felt in safe hands throughout the process. I’m very grateful for how much healing I’ve experienced since starting therapy with Michael. It’s been very worthwhile and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to do so.

Andreas, Denmark

Michael showed a deep understanding of my condition and what I had been through. Michael gave me his undivided attention. He listened to every word I said. He identified dynamic elements of my life prior to my trauma that I could address in order to feel confident that I would be able to live an even more relaxed and fulfilled life than I did beforehand.  I understand now that I will never go back to the person that I was, but I am, in many ways, happier with the person that I am now. when I look back at the person I was a year ago I see the gigantic steps that I have made. It is really quite unbelievable that I am where I am today. The future is now extremely bright and, thanks to Michael, I have many happy years ahead of me.

Cara, UK

Michael’s help has been very useful. It put me on a good course. My life is going well again and I’m at a nice level of comfort when it comes to intimacy. Thanks again!

Vincent, Denmark

After my coaching sessions with Michael, I felt an increased sense of clarity and understanding around the various topics we discussed and worked on. What I liked about Michael’s style is that he acknowledges that elements of our lives don’t exist in silos – and that relationships and cities, friends and upbringing, values and environments, are all intertwined. Michael’s calming and trusting demeanor helped me open up and work through my topics in a psychologically safe environment.

Rajiv Desai, Germany
(Founder/CEO Chrysalis DEI)

I worked with Michael over a course of six coaching sessions and was amazed at the clarity I got about myself and my business! He created a non-judgemental safe space but listened so specifically to my thoughts that I was able to identify things I had never seen so clearly which has already helped me move forward. He is kind, supportive, calm and intelligent – just the kind of person you need in your corner when you are facing key decisions, feeling stuck, frustrated or just not sure on the way forward. The time was always well spent and moved me forward – whether that was from a practical or an emotional perspective. Fantastic, intuitive and insightful coach.

Gemma Rabbini, UK
(Impact and Confidence Coach, Coach & Bloom

Michael’s considerate manner leaves space for you to think and work out what it is you may be looking for and with a great sense of understanding and patience I found myself more able to think clearly about my life and the decisions I make moving forwards. Highly recommend. 

Portia Emare, UK

Michael’s coaching sessions have been very helpful. He is clear in his statements, and make you feel comfortable to talk in a non-judgmental space. From one session to the next, I reflected on the previous sessions, gaining skills that I kept and put to use not only during the coaching period, but also during other periods of my life.

Bridget Borg, Malta

Michael’s encouraging, empathic and empowering approach to our supervision helped me to stay grounded whilst working with something new, but it also challenged me to trust and stay in touch with my own intuitions. I found Michael’s integrative approach and vast knowledge of different theoretical orientations very encompassing. I felt that he respected my way of working within the modalities I was familiar with, whilst he also gave me the confidence to work with approaches I was less so. Moreover, I found Michael’s insights into my wellbeing and issues around transference hugely beneficial for steering my work, where needed – always delivered in a way which I found compassionate and containing.

Chrissy, UK
(Psychotherapist & EMDR therapist)

My experience of Michael is that he has an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge in terms of counselling modalities and techniques which he can draw on to offer a valuable and holding experience to clients. As a supervisor Michael has been perceptive and supportive in all our meetings.  Most helpfully, for me, has been how Michael creates and allows a space into which more unconscious processes in the counselling can emerge and take shape. I have found this such a valuable learning experience which enhances the subsequent work with clients.

Angela, UK
(Psychotherapist & EMDR therapist)

Michael’s depth of understanding which supports and informs his managerial, client and supervisory work provides a place from which his clients can experience emotional safety and his colleagues can feel respected.

Ruth, UK
(Psychotherapist & EMDR therapist)