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Our approach

Michael Conti

Whether it’s coaching individuals or businesses, offering personal counselling or EMDR therapy, running workshops or trainings, in our work we strive to adopt an integrative, holistic and embodied approach. We endeavour to help you become more authentic with yourself, integrating all aspects of your life – the beautiful and strong sides, and the more difficult and limiting sides. The ultimate aim is for you to live a more satisfying and integrated life.

You will not hear from us the phrase: “Become the best version of yourself!” as we believe that this is an echo of cultural expectations – a phrase that reinforces a belief that you’re deficient as you are and have to always become more. What is intended to be a motivator for growth becomes a source of anxiety! Instead, we aim at realistic and integrated growth, be it on a personal or a professional level.

We provide you with a space to align yourself more with all aspects of yourself: your thoughts, emotions, body and behaviour. We strive to help you develop a deeper understanding of who you are and how you want to change, of what is hindering your growth and that you need to let go of. We offer you a chance to get to know a freer version of yourself and work towards your development when it comes to your personal life and relationships or in relation to your work or business.

Our Services

Online Coaching

  • Explore ways of growing further in your everyday life and at work
  • Gain clarity and structure in terms of what you need to change and how to do it
  • Overcome obstacles in your life during times when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed
  • Deepen your sense of satisfaction and happiness in life and learn to live with what you cannot change

Online Counselling & EMDR therapy

  • Increase your personal awareness and learn to deal with past patterns of behaviour that are undermining you today
  • Confront and tackle difficulties in your sexuality and relationships
  • Understand more the impact of trauma and start gaining more freedom from it
  • Open up about difficulties you’re experiencing in relation to your mental health


  • As someone involved in helping others in their own development, find a time and a safe space to help you reflect on your practice
  • Ensure that you are working ethically and legally
  • Get the support you need and reflect on how you can take more care of yourself in your work
  • As a leader or group of leaders, take some time to gain insight into underlying dynamics that are impacting your work and interactions

Latest publication

Living Better with Yourself:
A Practical Guide to Embodied Growth

Michael has recently published a self-development journaling book with the aim of helping you embark on a journey of embodied self-development that enables you to live better with yourself. This is an opportunity for you to better integrate your mind, body, emotions and behaviour, while using your body as a primary way for bringing about change within yourself. It’s also a great resource for accompanying others in their personal growth.

The book is available from various stores in both paperback and e-Book formats.

180 exercises to get to know yourself better and develop yourself further in an embodied way

Over 50 audio files to guide you through a number of the exercises

Space to write and sketch while journaling your personal journey

Key insight into 10 main areas of being human

Special focus on the impact of trauma

About us

Michael is the founder of Forging Paths, based in Berlin, Germany. He’s a highly experienced and qualified coach, psychological counsellor, EMDR therapist, supervisor, somatic sexuality specialist and educator. He is a licensed psychotherapist in Malta and a member of other professional organisations. He holds specialisations in working with trauma and with sexuality.

Michael is the author of the self-development journaling book entitled: Living Better with Yourself: A Practical Guide to Embodied Growth. On a professional level, Michael has worked in various mental health sectors and with various client groups and has delivered workshops with different organisations and professional groups.


We are very aware of how important it is to be able to express yourself in your own language. We can use English, Maltese or Italian during our sessions. It’s also possible that you speak in French. However, it’s important that you have an understanding of English or Maltese as these are our main languages.

Qualifications and Professional experience

Michael holds a Certificate in Psychology, a Diploma in Philosophy, a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and two Master’s degrees – one in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy and the other in Supervision of Psychosocial Professions. He is a trained EMDR therapist and a Somatic Sexuality Specialist. He also holds a diploma in Integrative Coaching (ICF-accredited).

Michael has worked in various settings and with different groups. He has been running his private practice for over 10 years and, prior to moving to Denmark, he was the Senior Counsellor at the London Fire Brigade. He also lectured, tutored and supervised on Master’s degree programmes, as well as delivered training and workshops to various organisations and professionals.

Michael is also the founder of Orange Bodies, an initiative where he offers workshops about connecting to the body and sexuality. He is also a registered member of Kink-Aware Professionals.

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