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anxiety and threat response
Why do we feel anxious?
Although it’s unpleasant, anxiety is not all bad. Imagine living a few thousands of years ago. You’re out hunting and suddenly you notice a tiger about to pounce on you. Your body’s …
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Am I experiencing anxiety?
Can you remember when you were sitting for an important exam? You might have felt restless, going over and over the material, feeling a bit panicky. Maybe you were sweating more than …
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Michael Conti - Forging Paths - anxiety

How to cope better with anxiety Anxiety is a very uncomfortable feeling but it is there for a purpose. It is a way in which our mind tries to protect us from danger, a danger that …
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Michael Conti - Forging Paths - relaxation

How to relax when confined indoors Being indoors for a long period of time can lead to a blurring of boundaries between things that we do. For example, if we’re working, living, relaxing in the same …
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Michael Conti - Forging Paths - Sleeping

How to sleep better Having heightened anxiety around us will lead us to soaking up that anxiety ourselves. And that means that we will trigger off our threat centres in our brains and focus …
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