Engaging with my fear and anger

Living Better with Yourself – Course 3

This is the right course for you if you would like to better understand and deal with two very strong emotions that we experience and that we are often uncomfortable with: fear and anger.

Fear and anger can both overwhelm us when they present themselves in ourselves or other. They can either block us and make us freeze, or they can make us act out in our attempt to fight of or escape an uncomfortable situation. In this course we will deepen our understanding of why fear and anger develop, how they manifest in us and what is our relationship to them. We will also look at some techniques to help us be more in control of when and how to live out this emotions.

Come and join us for this online course and explore this topic with others who are on a similar journey to yourself!


This course is one out of a series of online courses aimed at helping you live better with yourself by getting to know yourself better and become more embodied in your personal growth.

The series of courses consists of:

The series of courses compliments the self-development journaling book entitled “Living Better with Yourself – A Practical Guide to Embodied Growth” written by ourselves. The book contains extra material and many other exercises that you can use to further the experience you’ve had on this course. You can find more information about the book and order a copy here.


The courses are held online using Zoom with a small group of other people who are also on a similar journey to yourself and with whom you have the opportunity to share this moment of growth, while also learning from each other.

You can join any course at any time and in any order. It is, however, recommended that you first join us for the course “My body as anchor when dealing with stress”, as we offer some fundamental tools that can be useful for the other courses. This is why this course is offered twice throughout the duration of the series, in order to make it easier for new people to join on two different dates.

The courses are interactive allowing for sharing of experiences with the other participants. There will be some activities, discussions, as well as some input about the topic. Some of the activities invite you to move so try to ensure that you have some space around you. Also, you might require some material for the exercises (e.g. some sheets of paper or things to draw with), so please, have a look at the materials required prior to starting the course.


The courses are run in English.


Each course lasts 2.5 hours (19:00 – 21:30 CET).



Price for each course: € 25.

* If more than 1 course is bought at one go, there is a discount of 10%.

To book, please fill in the form below and you will receive an email with joining instructions and payment details (Bank transfer / Revolut). Please note that the payment needs to be received before the course. In case of any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below.